Translate It: Specialising in English-Spanish Translations for Non-Governmental Organisations, Non-Profits, and Academic Institutions (A Visioncraft Service)

We translate English to Spanish and Spanish to English. We Specialize in Non-Governmental Organizations, Non-Profits, and Academic Institutions. Themes of interest include community development, social analysis, globalisation (globalization), economics, ecology, biotechnology, genetic engineering, feminism, gender issues, culture, spirituality, theology, church, faith, religion and more!

Welcome to the website of Translate It, a service which specialises in translating texts from English to Spanish and Spanish to English for non-governmental organisations (NGO's) and non-profits - particularly those who have partners or who work in Latin America.

We also translate academic texts from Spanish to English, particularly on themes related to ecology, spirituality, theology, sustainable development, social justice, and cosmology.

Who we are

We work using a team approach. This gives us a unique advantage over many other translators, since our team includes both native Spanish-speakers and a native English-speaker.

Mark Hathaway takes lead responsibility for translations from Spanish to English. He is an award-winning professional writer (co-author, with Leonardo Boff, of The Tao of Liberation) and adult educator who is a native English speaker fluent in Spanish. Mark lived in Latin America for nearly eight years, much of that time working with a small Peruvian community development organisation. Mark is a former chair of the Inter-Church Committee on Human Rights in Latin America and former South America Programme Coordinator for The United Church of Canada. He has won two press awards for articles that he has written as well as a Nautilus Gold Medal for his book. He has a strong academic background in ecology, biotechnology, cosmology, spirituality, theology, and transformative praxis.

Maritza is a native Spanish speaker who grew up in Peru and worked there as a teacher and school principal as well as a volunteer in a small non-governmental organisation. She has now lived in Canada for over fifteen years and worked for five years in Toronto as an Early Childhood Educator. She has been doing translation work since 2003. Maritza takes the lead responsibility on all English-to-Spanish translations.

Zuly works as a special external consultant for English-to-Spanish translations. Zuly is a clinical psychologist with experience in non-governmental organisations and community development projects in Peru. She normally proofreads the final text of translations into Spanish.

Work we have done

To date, we have completed a number of translation projects including:

Areas and themes of specialisation

We translate a wide variety of documents including reports, evaluations, projects, letters, articles, books, and websites, particularly those dealing with the following subject matter:

Our rates

Our rates depend on both the complexity and size of the document. Generally speaking, we charge more per word for shorter, more technical documents and less for longer documents.

Please send us the document you would like translated and we can give you a precise quote for the proposed piece of work. We prefer to receive documents in MS Word (doc) or Rich-Text (rtf) format, as opposed to printed or scanned material. We can work with Adobe Acrobat PDF files, too, if necessary.

Contact us

Please contact us by email at translations @ for more information or for a precise estimate for your document translation.

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We look forward to hearing from you!